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Be prepared with strong Winter tyres

get your strong Winter tyres from a professional

It’s never too early to prepare when your safety is involved

Don’t worry, we aren’t trying to force Summer away before it has even started, we want the sun as much as everyone else but seen as we have gave you all the tips for your Summer tyres we thought it would be good to get you prepared for the colder months to come with tips for your strong Winter tyres.

You might be thinking we are a bit too early to be discussing Winter tyres but trust the tyre experts, it’s better to be prepared opposed to leaving it till last minute and putting your safety at risk when driving round in Winter conditions. Also we all know Summer in the UK is super unpredictable so isn’t it best for everyone to just know a bit on Winter tyres before the actual Winter months kick in?

In the Winter weather conditions can drop to 7C and lower, there will be rain, snow, anything can happen in Winter, like we said it’s unpredictable in the UK! Winter tyres are designed to cope with these conditions making them the best tyres for Winter, tackling the icy roads and cold temperatures with ease and most importantly, control.

You’ll be able to find cheap Winter tyres in St Helens right here at Stone Tyres. Winter tyres are manufactured differently in order to cope with different road conditions. The tyre design uses a softer rubber compound and the surface of the tread blocks are covered with little jagged slits which are called sipes. These features in the tyres are the reason why they are the best tyres for Winter.  


Strong Winter tyres will benefit you and keep you safe

We understand best that the last thing you want to be doing is changing your tyres at different points in the year and spending money on different tyres for different weather conditions but trust us when we say it is 100% worthwhile and it will protect you and all your passengers.

You’d rather be driving safely with strong Winter tyres wouldn’t you?

Obviously, the main idea of getting Winter tyres is so that you have the best tyres for Winter in all conditions but other reasons include:

  • Preserve the life of your tyres
  • Save you money in the long run
  • Peace of mind knowing you have the appropriate tyres

To protect yourself, your passengers and most of all your tyres the best decision is to get the most appropriate tyres for each season. You won’t have to worry about spending a fortune or fitting the tyres yourself because at Stone Tyres we have quality, cheap Winter tyres in St Helens which our professionals can fit there and then for you.


Be as prepared as the professionals when it comes to tyres

Don’t leave it till last minute or not bother at all, it’s always good to be prepared, especially when the experts in strong Winter tyres are here to give you a helping hand.

All you need to do is contact Stone Tyres to discuss the best tyres for Winter and we can have you sorted within no time. Whether it’s now or in a couple of months time we will be ready and waiting to provide you with cheap Winter tyres in St Helens to ensure you safe, quality driving in Winter conditions.