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We are approved agents offering the Hunter Hawkeye Wheel Alignment service.

Driving on the UK roads is full of obstacles that can cause problems with the wheel alignment on your car.

Potholes, speedbumps and bumping up and down kerbs can all knock your vehicles wheel alignment out. The consequences of this can affect the handling of your car and the wear of the tyres.

There are signs to look for that will indicate whether you would benefit from a Hunter Hawkeye Elite Wheel Alignment:

  • Steering wheel not straight
  • Car pulling to one side
  • Tyres wearing unevenly
  • Tyres wearing down excessively

Using Hunter Hawkeye Elite Wheel Alignment equipment we can check the current status of your car’s wheel alignment. We will adjust to put your car in the best condition for a more comfortable drive and increased tyre wear.

We provide an easy to understand report showing all before and after measurements.

This allows us to clearly explain the work undertaken which could include adjustments to the camber, toe or castor settings.

There are many garages that will offer a “tracking” service for you car. Beware of inferior systems and the old fashioned laser tracking gauges. Hunter are worldwide as leaders in wheel alignment and offer the best equipment in the industry. This enables us to bring your car back to vehicle manufacturer specifications.

Each vehicle is different. Some may need a full 4 wheel alignment to adjust the front and rear wheels. While others may only need the front wheels aligning. If you are unsure as to which service your car needs then give us a call. We can talk you through the adjustments available on your car to get it driving much better again.

Wheel alignment can be carried out at the same time as your new tyres are fitted.

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Here is a video from Hunter which explains in more detail the benefits of Hunter Hawkeye Elite Wheel Alignment