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Puncture repairs in St Helens

Puncture repairs in St Helens

At Stone Tyres we like to be different and always go the extra mile for our customers in St Helens.

That’s why we offer a free puncture repair guarantee on every new tyre we sell. When you buy a new tyre from us we will repair any punctures in it completely FREE!

Should you be unlucky enough to notice a tyre losing pressure, or maybe see a nail or screw in your tyre, just bring it back to our garage. Stone Tyres is on College Street, St Helens and we will inspect the tyre to see if it is safe to repair the puncture.

This is something that no other tyre dealer in St Helens offers.

That’s right, as long as your tyre is safe to be repaired, eg the puncture is not too close to the sidewall and/or the tyre has not been driven underinflated causing damage to the structural integrity of the tyre then we will fix it for you completely free of charge.

This even includes balancing, new valve or valve core and refitting of the tyre.


A quick look at our hundreds of positive Google or Facebook reviews will show hundreds of happy customers whose puncture we have repaired for free in the tyre they bought from Stone Tyres.

We still offer a puncture repair for tyres that havent been purchased from Stone Tyres in St Helens.

This starts at £15 per tyre and includes the puncture repair, new valve or valve insert and refitting.

If you know for sure that you need to purchase a new tyre for your car then please click here to check our prices and availability and order your new tyre online

The dreaded sight of a punctured tyre

We are proud supporters of Tyresafe and NTDA.

For a whole range of tyre safety advice please visit their websites by clicking the following links.

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