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The Benefits of Goodyear Tyres

Stone Tyres provides goodyear tyres

An Excellent Tyre

Not all tyres are created equal. Goodyear tyres are the world’s largest tyre company for a reason.

When deciding whether or not to opt for a specific brand of tyre it is well worth checking out some Goodyear tyre reviews online, to find out what other road users have found beneficial about paying a little extra for quality.

Goodyear Tyres History of Innovation

For well over a hundred years now, the Goodyear tyres brand has been an innovator.

New inventions and ground breaking improvements in the tyre industry originate from Goodyear more often than not and that level of innovation filters down to the everyday consumer.

So one of the primary benefits of Goodyear tyres is cutting edge technology.

The technologically advanced nature of Goodyear tyres leads to advanced gripping in both wet and dry conditions, stability and responsiveness to steering that you will really notice and excellent tread wear to mileage.

This means that though your Goodyear tyres may cost a little more upfront than other brands, they could well last a lot longer and provide some pretty advanced safety features to boot.

There is no need to take our word for this either. Testimonials on our website and independent Goodyear tyres reviews attest to the benefits of Goodyear tyres.

Do your research and then please do ask our specialists here at Stone Tyres whether they think Goodyear tyres are right for your vehicle.

Safety Benefits you Need to Know

When it comes to your car, safety should always be the number one priority and that holds true from the tyres up.

One of the primary benefits of Goodyear tyres is the thorough nature of the company’s tyre safety testing.

Goodyear tyres go through 50 tough tests by the the company’s own engineers to measure things like handling and braking in wet and dry conditions, durability, aquaplaning, traction, high speed stability and noise.

There are a further set of additional tests for Goodyear winter tyres.

In addition, Goodyear tyres are also regularly tested independently by bodies such as Auto Express, Test World and others.

They are then rated by the EU standardised tyre label. The results of this testing is evident. Simply type ‘Goodyear tyre reviews’ into Google to return search results giving Goodyear tyres 9/10 and 10/10.

If you’re considering whether or not to opt for these branded tyres for your vehicle, we would say that a decision to go with the market leader for innovation and safety is never a bad one!