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No Credit Check Finance When You Buy 4 New Tyres, Zero interest

Not everyone can afford to replace 4 tyres at once but if you find that you need new to replace yours and are buying a set of 4 new tyres then we have the solution.

Simply pay for the first tyre upfront by debit card then pay for the second the month after, the third the next month and the final tyre the month after.

Absolutely no interest, no charges, no fees, just an amazing deal to give you peace of mind that your car is safe on the road without a large outlay upfront.

There really is no excuse to put yourself and others at risk by driving on dodgy tyres that need changing.

Another unique service from Stone Tyres St Helens

Example of how the deal works;

Have 4 new tyres fitted January 1st assuming 1 tyre costs £50 then total bill £200

Make first payment of £50 1st January by debit card

Second payment £50 1st February by debit card

Third payment £50 1st March by debit card

Final payment £50 1st April

Total paid = £200, No fees, No Interest, No Charges.

Contact us today for a quote for your tyre size, then come and pay for 1 and drive away with 4 new tyres

*not available on budget or economy tyres