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What Causes Car Tyre Punctures?

car tyre punctures in need of repair

How Can They Be Avoided?

If you buy a new tyre at Stone Tyres St Helens you automatically receive free tyre puncture repair for life, so there is no need to worry about the cost of a car tyre punctures. Brilliant hey?

Well, yes, but that doesn’t make them any less inconvenient.

Car tyre puncture repair means a trip to the garage, maybe a morning off work and are generally something we all want to avoid if possible, even if covered by Stone Tyres’ free tyre puncture repair guarantee.

So what causes punctures in the first place and is there any way we can steer clear of them (pun intended)?

Car Tyre Punctures – The Causes

There is one kind of tyre that is by far the most likely to get a car tyre puncture.

That is an old tyre.

New tyres have a thick tread – 8mm to be exact. Then the inner casing adds extra thickness.

All in all a new tyre has over a centimetre of tread and casing that needs to be pierced before that car tyre punctures.

The chances are that any sharp object is more likely to get stuck in that layer than to go all the way through – no tyre puncture repair required.

So there is the first and best way to avoid needing car tyre puncture repair – don’t drive around on old tyres.

Secondly, when it comes to preventing car tyre punctures, careful driving counts.

Hitting a pothole in the road or a curb, particularly if your tyres are a little older, can cause an alloy wheel to split.

While we know potholes aren’t always avoidable and accidents happen, it pays to be as vigilant as possible, if you want to avoid needing car tyre puncture repair.

Free Car Tyre Puncture Repair For Life… Just In Case

Even if you do everything right – invest in a new set of tyres and drive safely and carefully, car tyre punctures cannot always be avoided completely.

That is why we at Stone Tyres offer free tyre puncture repair for the life of every new tyre we sell.

When you drive away with a new set of tyres fitted by us the chances are that we won’t see you for some time – we’re confident enough in our products to know that you stand the best chance of avoiding punctures.

Of course, it is basic road safety to check your tire pressure regularly.

Not only is a low pressure tyre more susceptible to punctures, consistently dropping tyre pressure could be a sign of a puncture.
If you monitor your tyre pressure regularly enough to notice any changes, you could pick up on a puncture and return your car to us for a fix before it becomes dangerous.