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What are the advantages of Pirelli car tyres?

look at the advantages of Pirelli car tyres.

The top 7 at 7°C

There are some great advantages of Pirelli car tyres but one of the main ones is the fact they make the perfect tyre for Winter. Pirelli is known for having one of the best manufactured tyres to cope in Winter conditions.

If you’re not really into your cars and tyres that much then you probably won’t know what’s different between Summer tyres and Winter tyres, maybe it’s a good idea for you to take a look at our previous blog posts to learn something new.

Stone Tyres are the only suppliers of Pirelli tyres in St Helens that you need, we have a full range of tyres perfect for all vehicles.

Our Pirelli tyres in St Helens are a great choice if you want support and safety that the Pirelli tyres will give you. With being in the UK it’s not like we see a lot of sun, so having Pirelli tyres is ideal so your car can cope in all conditions, especially the wet ones that we see too much of!

Tell me the advantages of Pirelli car tyres

One of the main advantages of Pirelli car tyres is that they make the perfect tyres for when the temperature drops to 7°C and lower. This is when these tyres can perform at their best ability but don’t worry the tyres are still fantastic at other temperatures.

As we are the expert suppliers of Pirelli tyres in St Helens we know the 7 main benefits that come with these tyres. We thought we’d make your tyre decision easier by sharing these benefits with you so you know how you’ll be advantaged by Pirelli tyres.

  1. Pirelli tyres give you freedom to travel with ease and safety
  2. Maximum safety and grip
  3. You’ll be saving money with Pirelli tyres
  4. Aquaplaning effect is decreased; not more sliding or ‘floating’ on wet surfaces
  5. Pirelli tyres are practical for all conditions
  6. The lower the temperature the decreased braking distance
  7. Highest performing tyre in wet, slippery conditions

These are the 7 most important and best advantages of Pirelli car tyres and don’t just think you’ll only be benefited with these when buying new tyres, you’ll also feel the benefits when purchasing Pirelli tyres in St Helens too.

Give St Helens quality Pirelli tyres

Providing high quality tyres in St Helens is what we do. We make sure all our customers drive away with a smile on their face and a perfect set of tyres on their vehicle.

After reading about the advantages of Pirelli car tyres you should be able to now clearly see why they are one of the best tyres and why they could make the perfect addition to your car.
If there is any more information, questions or queries you have and need to know then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert suppliers of Pirelli tyres in St Helens. We’re just a phone call or a click away. 01744808022