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Benefits of Continental Tyres

check out the benefits of continental tyres

It’s about time you know about this brand

One of the most iconic tyre brands out there, Continental Tyres has managed to build up a reputation for being reliable, durable and a good quality tyre that will withstand pretty much everything that the road can throw at them. When it comes to the benefits of continental tyres, there are plenty.

We are often asked what the best tyre brand on the market is, and we always say the same thing: it’s totally dependent on what your driving habits are, and what you need from your tyres.

If you are looking for Continental Tyres in St. Helens, we have them in abundance, but we believe it is important that you read about the benefits of this particular brand of tyre before you commit to purchase – after all, you need to be sure that it suits your car and driving, and if you’re paying out for something that you don’t need, then you could be wasting your money!

The rundown: tell me about the benefits of continental tyres

Continental Tyres is a durable brand of tyre that does manage to last years – but here is a complete run down of the pros of one of the worlds best tyres. We can offer cheap tyres in St. Helens, but that doesn’t mean that we ever compromise on quality, especially when it comes to Continental tyres in St Helens…

  • Tg – F Polymers – please excuse us, we don’t mean to blind you with jargon! However, these polymers increase compound bonding and improve the treadwear of your tyres, as well as the fuel efficiency of your car.
  • +Silane – +Silane enhances the grip on any slippery roads, meaning that your stopping distance is massively reduced.
  • Save money on fuel – The Continental tyre can save up to 5,150 kilometres of fuel.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions – for every 4 litres of gas that is saved, you will reduce the carbon emissions that your car emits into the atmosphere.
  • Designed to last longer – the Continental Tyre is designed to last longer and enhance your drive – the ProContact with EcoPlus technology has around a 23% longer treadwear.
  • Excellent braking on wet ground – we reduce any problems that occur due to braking on wet ground. Your tyres are what put you in contact with the road, which is why we design our tyres to stop up to 16 metres shorter than competitors.

Are Continental Tyres expensive?

As an award winning tyre, the Continental Tyre comes with a relatively low price tag, especially when you bear in mind that this is a tyre that will enhance not only your drive, but your safety once you are in your vehicle.

Continental Tyres will set you back a little bit, but not as much when compared to other tyres on the market, and we personally believe that there is absolutely no price tag on safety.  When you bear in mind that you could also save money on fuel, they become more appealing as a worthwhile investment.

There truly are so many benefits of Continental tyres and we believe that the difference we can make in supplying this brand of tyres is a big one, and we do what we can to be responsible and improve the overall safety of vehicles on the road.