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You need to know when to change your tyres

Look at your your vehicle and know when to change your tyres.

You’ll have to part with your tyres at some time

It’s going to come to a time when you’re going to have to replace your car tyres in St Helens but the important thing is knowing when to change your tyres.  

You can take a look at your tyres and know whether or not they will need changing but there are some certain signs to replace your tyres and these signs are what we are going to be discussing so that in the future you know when to change your tyres.


The signs to look out for

You’re here for one reason and one reason only and that’s to learn about the signs to replace your tyres, so we won’t beat around the bush, we’ll jump straight into the first few signs.

Tyres tackle quite a lot while on the road, the bumps, dips, cracks and stones on the road give your tyres a challenge but although you may not notice straight away all these different aspects of the roads are actually damaging your tyres and being the reasons behind why you need to replace your tyres.

There are all different types of damages that can affect your tyres and signs to replace your tyres:

  • Tread Depth
  • Tread Wear Indicator Bar
  • Cracks in Sidewall
  • Bulges and Blisters
  • Too Much Vibration

Other signs you can look out for so you know when to change your tyres are the more obvious ones. For instance, a puncture. Punctures do still affect many car tyres and a lot of the time the best decision is to just get a new tyre, this is for your safety reasons too.

Are your tyres suitable for your car? If the answer is no then this is another sign to replace your tyres. You must ensure that you have tyres that are the best match for your vehicle, as well as this but you need to have tyres that are suitable for the area you live in. Think of the roads around you, think about the weather, are your tyres most suitable?

Finally, another obvious sign for when to change your tyres is the age of them. Even if you think your tyres have still got enough life in them, don’t risk it. Worn tyres cause accidents, why would you want to take a chance with old tyres when you can have new car tyres and drive safely and smoothly.


Now you know when to change your tyres

If you’ve managed to read this far then great, you know about all the signs to replace your tyres. Now you know what you are looking out for and you know when to change your tyres.

However, if you are in a situation where you’re not too sure whether your tyres need replacing then leave it to the professionals at Stone Tyres. We will take a look at your tyres and provide you with new tyres if needed.

To ensure your driving around safely with the best tyres for your vehicle contact the experts.